How to Care for Your Countertops

How to Care for Your Countertops


Granite countertops are one of the most impactful ways to give an elegant touch to any room. Having these precious stones in your kitchen or bathrooms will also increase the real estate value of your house, which is a good investment if you want to sell your house in the future. Apart from that, these beautiful stones are durable and can last for a considerable length of time. So in order to make the most of your granite, you will need to practice good maintenance by using these tips. Do not use strong detergents, bleach or any cleaner solvent. Apply an over-the-counter sealant particularly when you no longer see beads of water on the surface (This shows the liquid has begun absorbing into the stone). Always use a microfiber cloth to clean any food or spilled liquid to avoid creating marks or scratches. Also, don’t forget to use coasters or placemats to prevent scratches.


Another gorgeous stone is marble. It is like a piece of art! Like granite, each piece can look similar, but they are entirely unique. These natural stones have a much higher price on the market, which means that they are used in a limited quantity, such as a luxurious island or a small section of the countertop. However, I don't recommend marble for kitchens because it stains and scratches much more easily. For this stone, you also have to apply an over-the-counter sealant and avoid any chemical cleaners; just use a cloth with water to wipe up. A downside of this luxurious stone is that over time it will develop a variation in color and surface sheen. So what do you think? Will you incorporate marble into your home?


Quartz is a material that has similar veins to marble and granite but with better performance and durability. This material is an engineered stone product that contains a mix of quartz and other minerals. It's perfect for any countertop! It does’t need to be sealed and don’t worry about staining your quartz countertop. This is a stronger material, just use a rag to clean any spills. However, like all the other stones you may need to avoid setting down hot elements on the surface. So don’t forget to use potholders and coasters. Another great feature is that you can find a larger range of colors than other stones. Isn’t that awesome?


Laminate countertops are made of plastic-coated synthetic with a smooth surface. These countertops are popular because of their diversity of colors, styles, and patterns. It can be a good option if you're on a tight budget. Also, cleaning laminates is very basic. Use your dishwashing liquid, warm water and mix it with a microfiber cloth. That should be enough to remove any remaining residue. If you are into a retro design or a mid-century modern one, this is your perfect bet as laminate countertops are popular for these styles. So don’t think twice! Are laminates right for you?


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