How to Create the Perfect Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Fall is in full swing in Cincinnati and Thanksgiving is now just a few weeks away! It's hard to believe that the temperatures have already dropped to the 30's and we even had some snow flurries flying around this past weekend. All this chilly and dreary weather is making us dream of delicious comfort food and celebrations with friends in warm kitchens. 

If you haven't noticed by now, the fall foliage is looking beautiful around the Cincinnati area. All of the yellow, orange and red tones have inspired us to start thinking about autumn centerpieces. With Thanksgiving coming up soon, now is the perfect time to begin planning your centerpieces, and maybe even start conceptualizing the perfect fall tablescape. Here are some of our favorite ways to create that fall mood.

Fall Florals and Foliage: We have been seeing some really beautiful floral arrangements this fall. Keep it seasonal by mixing rich, warm hues of red and orange with refreshing pastels like light pink, coral and sage to really brighten up a table setting. Set off your arrangement with fresh berries, twigs, and greenery. Or, if you really want to evoke a fall mood, add a couple sprigs of wheat or a couple of autumn leaves. A pumpkin-inspired vase, shown in the photo below, really brings together the fall theme. 

Glam it Up: If you're looking for a more glamorous look, warm metallics are definitely in for the fall. Candlesticks, votives and vases with metallic touches will not only offer a contrasting sparkle to your table, but will also allow for beautiful mood lighting. You also could opt for something unique in your centerpiece, like gilded pumpkins. This feels a little more fancy than your standard pumpkin, yet still keeps with the harvest feeling that Thanksgiving evokes. Mix your metallics with a bit of natural elements, like acorns and sprigs of berries. 

Layers: Fall means the weather is chillier, and we're often trying to feel as cozy as we can. Layer up your table with table runners, table cloths, mats and fabric napkins. Mix and match patterns, colors and textures. A go-to favorite for fall is plaid, but you don't have to stick with just that. You could also go more modern with a solid stripe. 

Natural Elements: Aside from floral arrangements, adding in natural elements like acorns, wood slices, and garland made out of greenery create a beautiful atmosphere. Add a couple of gourds, pumpkins, or even apples or clementines. 

Watch the Sizing: Most importantly, no matter how you choose to create that fall mood at the dining table, pay attention to the size of the centerpiece. You don't want to go too big, so big that your guests can't interact with one another. And you also want to make sure there is plenty of room for place settings, wine glasses, and all the delicious food you are about to eat!

Take a look at some of the inspiration we have found below. I'm already ready to celebrate!