Is Yellow a Trend for 2023?

After years of yellow being considered outdated it seems to finally be making its comeback in 2023! The bright fluorescent tone that was popular 20 years ago will be replaced with warm and cozy hues, used in more transitional spaces.


Instead of pairing it with gray and white which feels very early 2000’s we will be seeing a more modern and bold look with its groupings. Grey will be replaced with black for a more contrasted, dramatic look next to white and yellow. We will see it vibrantly paired with colors like jewel toned blues and plums and more toned down with muted colors such as earthy greens and warm natural wood tones. Ranging from muted pastels to vibrant hues, people are craving warmer yellow tones in their homes! The color sparks joy, warmth and comfort.


It’s important to know how to best utilize yellow paint in the home because it is such a strong and bright color. If you want to paint your walls yellow, make sure the room is large enough that it won’t make it feel closed in and stressful. Use wainscoting to break up all the yellow to make it feel less intense and stagnant! 


If you want to stay current with trends don’t get too attached. Just like the early 2000’s yellow may be thought of as outdated in years to come. If you don’t want the commitment of painting, try using yellow in accent pillows, wallpaper, rugs, foliage and artwork!