Warm up your Home for Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving just a week away, now is the time to give your home that cozy, warm feeling before hosting that big dinner, if you haven't started to already!

Here at Amy Youngblood Interiors, fall makes us crave warmer textiles, richer colors, and the comfort of layers. It makes us want to bundle up by the fire, sipping hot cider and watching our favorite shows or reading our favorite books. Socializing moves away from outdoor spaces and into your home, away from the cold weather and into the warmth. 

To make your home feel even more welcoming to your guests this Thanksgiving, here are a few things you can think about doing to spruce up your home so that it feels seasonally inviting and cozy.

The living room: Update your textiles to warmer textures and fabrics. Think window treatments with layers. A more lighter layer and then a warmer, thicker layer on top will allow you to open up and let as much light in as possible, but also keep heat from escaping your home. You can also update your throw pillows on your sofa to something softer, like velvet. Velvet is in and is especially luxurious this time of year. Add a few more throw blankets to your sofa as well to evoke that comfy, cozy vibe.

Lighting: It certainly is getting darker a lot earlier these days. Adding more functional as well as decorative mood lighting around your home will not only make it appear more inviting, but will also give off a seasonal vibe. Add candles to each room, especially those that you spend most of your time in. Adding in a new table or floor lamp will also help brighten up your home once nighttime starts to creep in. 

In the dining room: Of course, you want your guests to feel welcome when they sit down to enjoy that meal you've worked so hard preparing! Decorate your dining table with a beautiful centerpiece (check out our blog about Thanksgiving centerpieces for inspiration!) Make your guests feel welcome by making each seat at the table unique to them. Set the table with beautiful place settings, and pay attention to the details. Light a few candles, although stay away from scented ones during dinner. You want your guests to smell your amazing food while they eat! 

The guest room: If you're having guests stay over night, you want them to feel as welcome as possible. You can dress the bed in layers, so that your guests have the option of sleeping how they are most comfortable. Opt for a plush, fluffy duvet with a couple of accent pillows. You can always create a welcome basket with necessities like shampoo, soap, and toothbrushes, just in case they forgot to pack something. 

Thanksgiving is a great time to transition from fall into winter. With the colder temperatures already setting in, updating your home now will only pay off later and will make decorating your home for the holidays even easier! 

Now it's time to think about all that yummy food you'll be preparing! Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at AYI!