Your House for the Holidays

The holidays can be a busy time for interior designers!   With parties and gatherings abound,  almost everyone feels the need to update their space!  A lot of my clients want that new sofa or possible updated window treatments....just to name a few things.

However,   with Christmas 3 weeks around the corner and lead times on products is tough to make big changes. Here are a few smaller things you can do to spruce up your space:

-Lighting:   be sure to have plenty of candles on hand.  Decorative or votive style will suffice.  If you looking for more drastic changes you might consider changing out that outdated entryway chandelier.  If you find a fixture you love in stock..your electrician may be able to fit you in.

-Tabletops:  If you are having a large party with food,   your table top is IMPORTANT!  Use more than one tablecloth and try to drape them interestingly over eachother.   Also,  if you have some nice  table runners or cloth napkins those can add nice accents.   Want to add some height under your food?   Secretly use paint cans of different sizes under the table clothes,  then top with food!

-Flowers:  Add a holiday centerpiece to your table.  Fresh or even dried.  I like to use my favorite local florist.  The flowers are usually nicer than the grocery store and last longer.    Also,  a nice dried arrangement will get you through the winter season.

-Accessories:  Consider a new bowl, vase or small decorative items that you can purchase at your favorite boutique that will last beyond the holidays.   Tall twigs from your florist are a great thing to add to to your vases that will last!

-Furniture arrangements:  You may not be using your living room much during the week,  but you will be over the holidays.  Be sure to have enough chairs,  stools,  ottomans when your guest come over.   If your Christmas tree is in the living room,  you will be tighter on space,  so an extra small chair or two will do.

-Less is More:   As much as I love the holiday cheer,  overdoing your decorations can be a "no-no."  If your entire space if covered in tinsel......tone it down!  It is important to have a few focal points, but leave it at that.  Flashing colored lights are out!  Always, think classy and elegant. 

Happy Holidays to All!