3 Must-Haves for Bathroom Organization

The shift from a laid-back summer to a hectic back-to-school schedule is a difficult transition, especially when adjusting to early morning departures. High traffic areas like the bathroom become busy and chaotic during rushed morning routines, inducing stress and anxiety for everyone involved. Reorganizing and clearing extra clutter will allow your family to set a positive, more relaxed tone to start the day.

When designing a new bathroom organization system, be sure it is structured and clear. A well-defined plan will guarantee more consistent use. Consider the following tips when choosing the perfect organizing techniques that will support morning calm for your family.

Baskets – Offering mobile storage will allow family members the opportunity to easily grab their products when    needed. It also provides the option use the products in another location, freeing up valuable bathroom time. Store    baskets on open shelving to make them easy to find and return when finished.

Hooks – Providing individual hooks is an easy solution to prevent wet towels ending up in unwanted places. A    personalized spot for each family member promotes accountability and teaches responsibility in helping keep a tidy    bathroom.

Drawers – If possible, install drawers under the sink. Drawers provide easier access to storage underneath and make    more efficient use of space than cabinets. Alternately, installing pullout trays in existing cabinets can provide similar    ease-of-access without the investment of all-new millwork.