4 Ways to Get Inspired by Mid-Century Modern


When you hear the words “mid-century modern”, what comes to mind? For interior designers, most of us envision rich walnut woods, hairpin legs, bright orange sofas, and unique pieces with clean lines. The mid-century modern era of design came about in the 1930’s and lasted until about 1965. The movement however, hit its peak of popularity in the 1950’s. It was not only a prominent movement for interior design, but also graphic design, architecture, and product design.

Highly influenced by the International and Bauhaus movements, mid-century modern design was bold and beautifully designed with organic shapes, bright colors, and warm woods. Many of the greatest furniture designers and architects were designing at this time, including Frank Lloyd Wright, Charles and Ray Eames, and Anne Jacobsen.

Today, mid-century modern is still a popular style within interior design. In fact, it’s seen a resurgence in popularity within just the last few years. Here are a few ways mid-century modern can be incorporated into your home!


  1. Your sofa: When considering a sofa in the style of mid-century modern, there are a few things to look for. Note the style of the legs – which could be walnut, slanted, or hairpin. It is also common to see tufted backs in mid-century modern sofas, as well as bold colors. The shape of the sofa will be sleeker and usually with minimal throw pillows.
  1. Arm chairs: A classic mid-century modern arm chair can really tie a room together. There are quite a few classic shapes and styles from this era that are really making a comeback. As with the sofa, you’ll also notice hairpin or slanted legs, darker wood frames, and organic shapes with bold colors.
  1. Your color palette: Remember when we said that mid-century modern hit its peak in the 1950’s? Common to most homes in the 50’s and 60’s were rich and earthy hues accented with pops of bold color. Think rusty oranges, mellow mustards, and deep olive greens. Keep it current with a neutral base of light gray or white.
  1. Go vintage: Find a mid-century modern piece that is truly vintage and pair it with something new. This could be anything from an original Eames chair, a cool vintage lamp, or a collection of glass blown vases.


Check out the mood board we’ve created below! Is mid-century modern the right style for you? If so, contact us at Amy Youngblood Interiors to set up your consultation!