5 Sofa Styles Explained

5 Sofa Styles Explained

There are many different types of sofas. They can be the inspiration piece for an entire room. You can opt for a sleeker more sophisticated sofa with two cushions or a more relaxed look with three cushions. Sometimes exposed legs are a good pick and help to create a less visually massive object; this can be important when working in a small space. Mid-century modern sofas are trending right now. Many like the look of the clean lines these pieces have.

You can find great sofas with Vanguard or less-expensive models with Wayfair or Overstock. There is a company called Joybird that will even plant a tree when you buy a sofa with them.

As far as terminology goes: a “sofa” usually has full arms and a back whereas a “couch” is low and bed-like and meant for lying on. Regional context is a factor when it comes to using these terms; however, most designers use the term “sofa.”

Here are five descriptions of different sofa types:


  1.     The Tuxedo sofa has high, straight arms that line up with a high, straight back. The Tuxedo has no back cushions and usually has a single row of tufts around the top. This sofa has exposed legs.


  1.     Anything with a skirt of ruffles along the bottom can be grouped as early American Colonial. This sofa is a good pick if you’re specifying a sofa for a historic remodel.


  1.     The Lawson sofa has 3 seat cushions and 3 back cushions. It is an American sofa with coziness as its main objective. The arms sit lower than the back. Sometimes the arms are square and sometimes they are rolled. This sofa is often seen in casual, home living rooms.


  1.     Camelback sofas are pretty easy to understand. These pieces have a hump in the middle of the back like a camel does. The Camelback has no back cushions and exposed legs.


  1.     The Cabriole sofa has an exposed wood frame that is often carved. It can have 2 or 3 seat cushions and no back cushions. The legs often reference dog or lion paws. Typically thought of as French or Victorian, the cabriole looks nice in a proper sitting room.


While these aren’t the only types of sofas, these are the main favorites. And though it’s important to consider fabric and pricing when picking a sofa, it’s also wise to consider the type and the connotations surrounding that piece. Whichever look you decide on, make sure the sofa you pick is the right one for you. The best and truest test to picking a sofa is to sit on it. Your body will know what feels right and what doesn’t. Make sure to take your time when picking a sofa, for it’s probably an investment piece of furniture that you will hold onto for a while. And as always, you can contact us at Amy Youngblood Interiors for any of your sofa selection needs!