5 Tips for Creating a Productive Study Space

Now that back to school schedules are becoming routine, it is time to get down to business. Homework diligence is essential to a productive school year. As students grow older, workloads become heavier and homework assignments get tougher. Without a dedicated space to study and complete assignments, students can struggle with lack of motivation and inability to focus.  The battle of convincing kids to complete their homework assignments can be made easier by carving out a dedicated space for nightly study sessions.

A location that could be transformed into study spot is a playroom/play zone the student has outgrown. Allowing this underutilized space to evolve with the child’s needs makes use of valuable square footage. Here are a few things to consider when creating a dedicated homework area for your child.

Organization – Provide an organization system that will allow course materials, books, binders, and supplies to be neatly  arranged and easily obtained when necessary.

Distraction free – The space must be located in a relatively quiet area, free from household distractions.

Adequate light – Natural light is preferred, however providing sufficient task and overhead lighting is essential.

Individual workstations – Provide separate work areas for each child to allow them the opportunity to organize the space    to fit their specific studying needs.

Appropriate seating – Good posture is important, especially when sitting to study longer hours. Be sure to provide a    variety of seating options including an adjustable chair with good support and a cozy chair for lounging to reading.

Utilizing a dedicated space at home for study sessions will encourage kids to develop healthy study habits and ensure they stay ahead of the curve.