5 Trending Colors for Your Bedroom

It's the middle of winter and we're all feeling a bit tired of the cold weather, especially with all of the snow we have been having lately in Cincinnati! It's been one snow storm after the next and all we can think about is staying inside our warm homes and keeping cozy.

Speaking of keeping cozy, is your bedroom feeling less than lately? Your bedroom should be your personal oasis and a calm space for you to relax and unwind from the stress of the day. For this reason, we suggest using soothing, soft tones instead of anything too bright and bold. You don't want to be kept awake at night because of your neon yellow walls and hot pink accent pillows! Here are five trending colors for your bedroom.

Light Blue: Light blue is a very calming and relaxing color. When we think of light blue in nature, we think of a clear summer sky or the ocean. When applied to interior spaces, it can remind us of the calmness of a day spa. Using shades of light blue in your bedroom will help you feel as if you've stepped into your very own private getaway oasis. 

Sage Green: This shade of green can be very calming, just like the light blue mentioned above. We often think of time we have spent in nature and it can evoke a feeling of being connected and at ease. Sage green is also a color that is often used in spas as it allows us to feel a sense of relaxation.

Dusty Rose: We know that pink isn't for everyone, but we are definitely seeing it trending as an accent color for bedrooms. Pink can create a sense of wellbeing and love, which is also perfect for your bedroom. Dusty rose is a softer, more subdued shade of pink and can complement gray or neutrals very nicely. Use it sparingly as a throw blanket or pillows or even as a dash of color in an accent rug. 

Gray: Gray might be an obvious choice, but as we all know, it is a very popular choice for bedrooms. Gray can be paired with just about anything and can be used in either warm tones or cool tones. When mixing grays together, make sure you keep with the same tonal range. If you're looking for a little glam in your bedroom, choosing a darker gray shade can definitely bring you more drama than a lighter shade would. It will also help darken your room, which will enhance your quality of sleep. Just make sure that if you do choose a darker shade of gray as a paint color for your walls that it can appear to shrink the size of your room. 

Neutrals: Of course, neutrals are a natural go-to for the bedroom. If you're wanting to eliminate distractions and allow for a better sleep, choosing white is simple and easy and pairs well with other colors, too. If white is too boring for you, go for a more natural shade of beige or sand. Keeping colors to a minimum in your bedroom will allow for a simple sophisticated look that will let you relax without any hesitation.

Hopefully these color suggestions can help you visualize a calming color palette for your bedroom! Take a look at some inspiring images we've found incorporating some of these colors. As always, don't hesitate to contact us at Amy Youngblood Interiors!