6 Remodeling Tips That Will Save You Time

January 10, 2017  |  home renovation, how to get started, renovation
6 Remodeling Tips That Will Save You Time

Here are six remodeling tips and tricks from Amy Youngblood Interiors that will save you time!

  • Start early! With the real estate market still hot, good contractors of all types, architects and interior designers, are very busy. Hence, the sooner you line them up, the sooner your project will be complete.
  • Utilize the services of an interior designer. While an interior designer might sound expensive, a good one can help you make the right choices more quickly and correctly while preventing expensive mistakes long-term.
  • Have a realistic budget. Remodeling always costs more than one thinks. Know that if you want that fabulous countertop, you may have to cut back on the tile or vice versa. Also, if you want the work done right, going with the cheapest contractor or provider is often a mistake. Remember the old adage: You get what you pay for!
  • Collect images of things you love and give you inspiration. Certain items can lead as a priority in your project and define your overall “look.” This will expedite the timeframe in making your selections.
  • Have an organized ordering and lead time schedule. This is really where an interior designer can help. Nothing slows up a big project more than items that arrive late to the job. Knowing the “whats” and whens” to ordering specific items will accelerate the flow of your remodeling project.
  • Work with people you like and trust! Check their referrals! These people are going to be in your home for months, so simply feeling comfortable with their interpersonal skills and personalities is important.