7 Interior Design Words that start with “V”

August 22, 2016  |  inspiration, interior design
7 Interior Design Words that start with “V”

We thought we’d share with you 7 interior design words that start with “V” just for the heck of it. This ought to get you thinking this Monday morning. 

  1.     Varnish - a liquid coating applied to wood forming a protective thin sheet on the surface when applied.
  2.     Veneer – a paper-thin wood sheet that is installed on the surface of an object for decorative purposes.
  3.     Valence - a length of decorative drapery hung above a window to screen the curtain fittings.
  4.     Verdigris - a greenish patina found on aged brass, bronze, or copper (pictured)
  5.     Vermicelli - a random pattern of curving, squiggly lines
  6.     Vinyl – a fiber made with a compound polymer
  7.     Vitrine – a glass-sided display cabinet with glass shelves to highlight special collections.

These words are interesting to know and integrate into your vocabulary.