A Glimpse into the Process of Interior Design

March 9, 2020

So, what does an interior designer do? Is it just about fabric and tile? We will walk you through the entire process of what we do as designers. There are typically five steps, and as our client, we will listen to your needs and guide you through the process.


Once you have reviewed portfolios from designers you feel best meet your preference and aesthetic, your next step is to pull the trigger and engage their services. At AYI, we begin the engagement process by meeting with our client to really listen and learn more about what they want and need in their space, and then we develop a concept to meet our client's needs.


This is the most critical step where we bring our client's vision to life by drawing the plans, putting in electrical, plumbing and other specifications. Be patient, as this can take a bit of time to secure vendors for completing the project.

Contractor and architect.        

Contractors and architects are our BFFs, as we cannot do our job well without their expertise. This is when communication and cooperation become critical, as there are a lot of moving parts during this phase.


This is the most exciting part of the whole process! You will get to see your light fixture being installed and/or the couch you have been dreaming of being put into your space. This is when everything comes together, providing an amazing experience for our client.


At the end of each project, we revisit our clients, making sure they love the space, and asking them if there is anything else we can do for them. The feeling of seeing our client living in and loving their space is the most satisfying feeling for every interior designer.

If you need interior design help with your next project, please contact us for assistance.