Check out These Fall Trends for 2017

August 1, 2017

As the summer season is coming to a close and the cooler weather is slowly settling in, here are some design trends to keep an eye out for, as featured on our Fox News segment. [ ]

  1. Colors - Rich and bolder colors are becoming more popular, as people are more color conscious and are becoming more inclined to use such colors. Pantone has emerged with a breath of rich jewel tones like Shaded Spruce and Tawny Port to more muted tones such as Blush. They can be used separated or integrated for interest. You can be sure to see lots of dark reds, kelly greens and midnight blue jewel tones this fall season.  Earthy colors are also going to become very popular as they provide a great way to introduce subtle color into muted schemes.  These jewel tones will go hand in hand with soft pastel colors as vibrant greens, reds and purples will mix with the softer tones of beige and blush, to make a bold statement. These bright pops of color will add drama to any space!   

  2. Faux Natural Materials -From wallpaper to accessories, natural materials mimicking stone, wood and the natural environment are very “in”. Many people want to incorporate these materials into their homes, but the cost of some true materials can be pretty extreme.  Faux materials and finishes are the perfect, budget-friendly alternative! Faux finishes are becoming more popular and their availability is becoming greater, especially of natural materials, so you will be sure to see lots of these in the fall and winter seasons. Take wallpaper for example - wallpaper has evolved from what it used to be in our grandma’s house.  Today, you can get wallpaper in just about any pattern and color wave you want.  A popular option that we will see a lot of is wood plank wallpaper and marbled wallpaper. The look of natural wood and marble is all the rave, so why not put it on your walls. These faux natural materials have endless pattern and color options, which will give your space a unique look! 

  3. Velvet - What could be more soothing than the soft, rich feel of velvet? It’s making a comeback! This is a fabric that will make your space feel welcoming and warm, as well as luxurious, in the fall and winter seasons. When combined with rougher materials and metals, velvet will not only add visual interest in your space, but will also provide tactile variation. If it’s not in your budget for a new velvet side chair, why not add a few velvet pillows or a throw? Velvet is casual or formal and is the perfect way to create a more intimate and elegant space, so you can expect to see more of it! 

  4. Brass Accents - Brass is the new copper, and the warmth of it is cozy and perfect for fall.  Brass plays well with other finishes and colors, while adding a subtle pop of warmth. Brass accent will be the perfect way to make your space look more sophisticated and will work in both neutral color palettes and those with bolder colors.  You can be sure to see brass being used as kitchen and bath hardware, as furniture details, and on lighting fixtures this fall! 

  5. Tile - We have been seeing more and more pattern and detail when it comes to tile. Bold patterns are still in, but in even more creative ways.  Bold patterned fabrics are great for a lounge chair, rug or pillows.  However, not just fabrics but bold patterns are taking over tile. We can expect to see bolder patterns, brighter colors and more geometries in tile this fall. Tile will also become a more versatile material, and we can expect that it will have more applications than just as a kitchen and bath backsplash.  A splash of patterned tile is a great way to add life and interest to any space.  White kitchens have made a comeback, but this fall you can expect to see darker tones being readily used in tile as well! 

These are five trends that you can expect to see in the coming fall and winter seasons!