Creativity & Cocktails with Indigo Hippo

October 10, 2017  |  entertaining, events, Indigo Hippo, nonprofit, office, party

Last Friday, Amy Youngblood Interiors hosted a donation event, Creativity & Cocktails, with Indigo Hippo, which was a great success! As a nonprofit art and craft supply thrift store located in Over-the-Rhine, Indigo Hippo's mission is making creativity accessible to everyone by offering creative materials to the community on a pay-what-you-can scale.

In the store, you can find conventional art supplies such as paint, markers, pencils, pens and paper, but you can also find nonconventional materials as well. Unique findings can range from pine cones, to bottle caps, to fabric scraps and thread.

At the event, attendees brought with them either a suggested donation of $5 or an art or craft supply that could be sold in the store. Almost $300 was raised and Indigo Hippo received a lot of creative donations! The empanadas provided by Che were delicious, and the atmosphere was great. Emily, the storefront director of Indigo Hippo, provided a creativity and information station for anyone who wanted to get artistic or learn more about their mission. 

We hope that Indigo Hippo is able to inspire many creative projects and artistic minds with the new donations that they've received. Next time you visit Amy Youngblood Interiors, stop in and visit Indigo Hippo on Main Street, too!