Easy Ways You Can Freshen Up the Foyer

The foyer is the first space that guest see upon entering your home, so it is important that this space is not neglected.  It should make a statement and reflect your personal style. Everyone has a different entry way in their home - some large, some small - so this is going to be the main factor that dictates what you are able to do with the space. Here are some easy ways you can freshen up the foyer!

A few key pieces that you can find in most foyers include a rug at the door, a console table or buffet on a side wall, a statement light fixture, and of course, some accessories both on the wall and on the console.  A large rug with a bold pattern will bring in color and can accent a console table.  Wall art can help to make the colors in the rug pop, and mirrors can help to reflect light in this usually darker space.  Hanging pendant lights or a chandelier in addition to a table lamp can also help to bright light into this space.  Lighting will also aid in emphasizing the space and giving a welcoming feel to your guests.

Don’t forget to add a few accent accessories, such as some fresh flowers, a few vases or a candle.  If your space is large enough, don’t be afraid to add a bench or a pair of chairs, coupled with a piece of artwork and some wall sconces. If you have a small entry space, a simple console table, a fun mirror and a few accessories will be sure to infuse this space with life.  

So, the next time your updating your home, think about what your guests will first see. You can always contact us at Amy Youngblood Interiors and we will be glad to help you make a statement!