How to Decorate with Natural Elements

As September begins, fall is just around the corner in Cincinnati. And with fall, comes cooler temperatures, which means our gardens are nearing the end of their seasons. But you don’t have to forgo the beauty and greenery of summer completely if you integrate a bit of nature into your home. 

Nature is having a major influence on current interior design trends. We’re seeing this everywhere, from botanical prints, rich jewel tones and earthy color palettes, to materials derived from nature and inspired by nature. This current trend makes it so easy to bring the outdoors in! Here are a few tips and ideas on how you can do the same in your home.

Indoor Plants: The most obvious way to bring nature indoors is to do exactly that. Choose a few household plants that do well in low light and place them in pots that coordinate with your decor. A few plants that do well in low light include ferns, philodendron, and the Chinese evergreen. These plants love the shade and will do well in a room that gets medium to low light. Place them by windows that face east or west. Adding a few live plants to your home will not only brighten it up, but will help purify your air as well.

Low Maintenance Plants: Does taking care of and watering a plant everyday make you a bit wary, but you still love the idea? Try succulents. These miniature cacti are definitely popular with anyone who prefer more low maintenance plants. However, they are not completely fool-proof. These plants do require more sun than the low light plants mentioned, so make sure they are near a sunny window. Succulents look great in miniature terrariums, as they evoke a tiny landscape. They can look charming as a centerpiece on a table or on a bookshelf, mixed in with other accessories. 

Fresh flowers and greenery: It is amazing how much a vase full of fresh cut flowers can really brighten up a room. This is one of the easiest ways to bring in a bit of nature. All you need to do is add fresh water to extend the life of your bouquet and when it starts to wilt, replace it with something fresh. How much easier can it get! You could choose bright, contrasting floral arrangements that really pop in your space, or go for softer colors, to maybe compliment a more neutral space. Greenery also looks great, with or without flowers to compliment it.

Twigs, Branches and Driftwood: If live plants and flowers just really aren’t your thing, you could always opt for creating arrangements with twigs and branches. Placing a bundle of twigs in a sculptural or glass vase makes quite the statement. Choose twigs that are visually interesting, with varying lengths and shapes. Driftwood also looks great as a stand-alone piece on a mantle or grouped together with complimenting decor. 

Natural Objects: Polished or rough stones and geodes are making quite the appearance in current décor trends. We are seeing these natural elements being used as bookends, furniture hardware and coasters. Natural stone pairs well with metals and woods and can add a little bit of glam to a space. Coasters made out of agate with golden edges can make any room feel more luxurious. Marble is also making a comeback and we’re seeing it everywhere! It’s not just for your kitchen countertops anymore. Marble is showing up in an array of new ways, from coffee table tops to lamp bases and decorative accessories.

Natural Materials: You can also evoke that feeling of nature by incorporating more natural materials into your home. Bamboo, seagrass, cork, rattan, clay, wool, and linen are just a few examples. Bamboo and cork are great to use in many different ways. Both bamboo and cork can be used as a sustainable option for flooring in your home, if you’re wanting to be environmentally friendly. And contrary to what you might think, seagrass isn’t limited to a beach house get-away. It’s well-known for durability and the ability to coordinate with almost anything.

Nature Inspired Artwork and Patterns: There are so many beautiful works of art, textiles, and wall coverings devoted to all things botanical. Add a new piece of art over your sofa, update your sofa cushions for a new tropical pattern. Or, if you're feeling really bold, wallpaper an accent wall with a print that makes you feel like you're in a forest. The options are endless and there can be so much to choose from! Just remember to not overdo it. Too many florals and botanical prints put together in the same space can be overwhelming. Stick to a color scheme and add a couple pieces here and there for visual interest and balance.

So, are you ready to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall and winter yet? Hopefully these ideas can help liven up your space in the upcoming long and cold months ahead!