How to Start a Home Renovation

Happy New Year! It's officially 2018, a fresh new year for a fresh new start, and for some, home renovation projects, as well! If you've been putting off that long overdue kitchen or bath renovation, now is the perfect time to start. Not only do we have the entire new year ahead of us, but the colder temperatures and snowy weather make it a great time to start conceptualizing and planning your new space. This way, when the weather warms up in a few months, you'll be ready to begin the actual renovation process.

Here are a few steps you can take in order to get started on your home renovation in 2018!

1. Get Inspired: One of the first places to start is with inspiration, of course! Say you've been dreaming of a new kitchen. Leaf through interior design and home decor magazines, taking note of the photos that grab your attention most. If you're a fan of Pinterest, start a Pinterest board dedicated just for the kitchen of your dreams. When you come across something you like, save it. Take note of what finishes, colors, and styles you are drawn to most. You'll start to notice a theme most likely, of what you would like to see in your new space. Try not to get attached to just one look, but remain open-minded to different designs and concepts. You never know what will inspire you!

2. Define the function of the space: How will the renovated space be used? What does it lack now that you would like to have? Let your inspiration guide you. If your current kitchen layout is no longer working for you, what style would? Be sure to consider the existing architecture and surrounding rooms, as well. Take care to think about how you will be living in the space. Not only do you have to like how it looks, but you'll have to live comfortably with it, too! Your renovation should be as functional as it is beautiful.

3. Set your budget: For example, if you've always wanted an open concept kitchen, but the current layout you have in your home would require a wall to be removed, is that something you are prepared to do? Tearing a wall out requires that you check to make sure that it isn't load bearing, and will need to be done by a professional, which would be an extra cost. Make sure you evaluate carefully before you commit.

4. Enlist the help of an interior designer: Hiring an interior designer will help you get clarity on your design ideas and will help you create a well put together, cohesive look. They will also help you design the layout of the space, and come up with different options for you that you may not have thought about. But, it will be helpful for both you and the designer, if you do have a bit of an idea on what you do and do not like or want in your new space. If you hate the color green, be sure to voice that! If you've always wanted a granite counter top, let your designer know so that they can fulfill these needs for you when they come up with your design.

5. Set a realistic time line: Renovations take time. They do not often happen overnight, like they do on HGTV. This is why it is a great time to get a start now. Depending on the availability of contractors as well as the time it takes for ordering furniture and finishes, it can take a couple of months from start to finish. It also depends on the scale of your project, too. A powder room obviously shouldn't take as long to remodel as a kitchen would. However, it's good to keep in mind that a renovation is a process that should be fun and exciting!

Check out the images below to see a kitchen renovation Amy Youngblood Interiors did just recently in an Over-the-Rhine condo, featuring a modern design with a waterfall countertop.

Already thinking about which room in your home to get started on this year? Don't hesitate to contact us here at Amy Youngblood Interiors!