How your Personal Space Impacts your Behavior and Motivation

For part two of our series on how your space influences your life we will be looking at how your space impacts your behavior and motivation.

Let’s start with workspaces. If the space you are working in doesn’t have adequate light, feels dreary, and is unorganized, it's likely that you will not be very motivated to work. On the other hand if your space is bright and calming and everything has its place, you won't be as stressed and can better focus on your work.

To break down the basics of how to fix the problems:

  • Storage is key. If your space is unorganized and always seems to be a mess buy furniture that is a good source of storage. This can be a beautiful accent in your entry that also makes a home for the items you would have otherwise dropped on the floor. It can be a media console to hide all the wires of your technology and even double as a place to store games. If you have a place to put things away you are less likely to leave things sitting around.
  • Is your space functioning the way you need it to? Take a good look at your space and how it’s used. Is it working? We see spaces that look nice but don’t function the way a person needs it to all the time. This is why space planning is so important. We look at the needs of the person for the space first to make sure it functions for them, and then we select beautiful pieces to fit the plan.
  • Aesthetic is important. While the functionality of a space is key, it also has to be a space that is appealing. Make sure your space looks and feels like a space you want to spend time in.

Need help designing your space? Reach out to Amy for assistance.