Interior Design Mistakes You Might Be Making

Interior Design Mistakes You Might Be Making

While staying at home and spending some time reorganizing your beautiful home, you might be making some mistakes that you never noticed! Here is a check list for your space to see if you have nailed it!

Hanging the art too high
You might think that the taller the art is, the easier for you or your guests to see it. However, this is not necessarily the case. Placing or hanging your art at eye level is going to give visual comfort and make you appreciate your art piece even more.

Low window treatments
I think most people know this one, but since it makes such a big difference if you hang your window treatment right, we have decided to mention it once more! Hanging your curtains all the way to your ceiling gives you a higher sense of space and a taller ceiling!

It's okay to discard it
We love mixing the old with the new, but if you have a piece that just genuinely does not bring you joy, donate it or give it to someone. This action not only makes your space feel less cluttered but will also better meet your aesthetic. 

Try fixing those two little mistakes if you haven't already. If you need more assistance designing your space, please contact us - we are happy to help!