Lighting Q&A

May 10, 2018
How Light Affects the Functionality, Mood and Atmosphere of a Space

Q: I keep seeing so many new and interesting light fixtures out there?  How much does lighting really affect your interiors?  Is it worth the cost?

A: Interior lighting can determine how you perceive an interior space and can even affect your emotions. Bright light can intensify both positive and negative emotions. If you are in a brightly lit space you are more likely to react in a stronger manner than in a dimmer environment. When people are exposed to blue light during the day they are often more alert, have more energy, and increased productivity. Increased alertness to blue light does not end when you are no longer exposed to it, you can have a continued effect up to a half hour after exposure.

Natural light is not only beneficial to your mood, but also your mental health. Being exposed to even a small amount of sunlight can make a difference. Symptoms of depression have been known to decrease due to increased amount of sunlight and time spent outside.

Lighting can also contribute to your appetite. It affects how fast or slow you eat, the amount of food you consume, and what type of food you are in the mood for. In places with softer and dimmer lighting people tend to eat less, eat slower, and order less healthy options. There have also been studies that show lighting can also impact the way food tastes.

When it comes to incorporating lighting into a space many things need to be considered. Think of lighting in layers starting from the top. For example, overhead, general lighting is simply a way to light up the overall space. This can be done with basic recessed lights (all types and shapes out there) or even track lighting has come a long way from those ugly boxing cans. Next, think hanging fixtures such as chandeliers or pendants for over a table, island or even a bar.  Finally, task lighting is a must especially for residential applications. There is a great selection of both floor lamps and table lamps out there today that are decorative and practical. Using lighting is a major way to contribute to the functionality, mood and atmosphere of a space. For hundreds of product options for your space, Amy Youngblood Interiors has it all!