Mixing the Old with the New

West Elm

Who doesn’t have a few old, favorite decor pieces you can’t part with because of an emotional attachment, or you just plain love them? Have no fear, blending your new favorite home decor pieces with your grandma’s vase will create a look that is unique and will surely become a conversation starter in your home. Here are some tips for mixing the old with the new:

Consider your color scheme.

What do you want your home’s primary color to be? If it is white and black, feel free to find some gems you have stored away that fit into your color scheme. Doing so will not contradict the general feeling of your home and your aesthetic but will add another layer of texture that will make your home feel like it has evolved over many years.

Don’t be afraid to go bold.

If you are willing to take the risk and be a little adventurous, make a statement with that old rug with the loud pattern or that old gold mirror that makes everyone stop when they see it. The effect will be stunning! Of course, being bold does not mean going crazy - mixing loud pieces in a plain or boring area will add unexpected charm and character to your beloved home!

If you're having a hard time mixing the old with the new, please contact us for assistance.