Our Top 5 Interior Design Trends for 2018

With 2018 around the corner (yikes…let’s just forget about Christmas stress)  there are many new and exciting ways to make your Interior a great space in the new year.

Here are Amy Youngblood Interior's top 5 interior design trends for 2018, as seen on our segment on Fox19 News Now!

1.  Color:  There are many difference color palette ideas going around, but after much research, here’s what I believe: Rich, deep colors are in. Porter Paint official named their 2018 color of the year “Black Flame”  which is a combination of black and Indigo, both rich and calming.  A lot of the other paint companies are naming some sort of black spin-off’s as their color of the year as well.  Other rich colors that are in are a deep emerald green,  dark blues, and even rich oranges.  These more intense colors are a reflection of the busy lives we live.  And that’s not to say neutrals and gray is totally out…the trend is just to mix it up a bit. 

2  Use of natural woods and materials:  Wood isn’t just for floors and furniture anymore.  It is being used on walls, lighting and other accessories like never before.  From reclaimed wood and  paneled wood walls and ceilings,  the use of natural materials including concrete brings us back to a more organic state.  And we know that anything healthy and organic is “in”  right now. 

3.  Graphic tile and wallpaper: I know we have discussed this before, but one big trend is the use of tile in a graphic almost wallpaper look on a backsplash or even an entryway. Wallpaper has made huge strides as well as I tell my clients “it’s not your dated grandmas’s dated floral wallpaper anymore!” 

4.  Simple, modern bedrooms:  I know we’ve talked about deep, strong color,  but when it comes to our busy, stressful lives a simple, calm bedroom can be the way to go.  I personally have this in my own space.  This one bedroom is my dream bedroom…calming neutrals with a variety of textures and natural elements including a faux fur rug, light walls, big open windows, natural wood chandelier, and simple window treatments. 

5. Unique “wow” style lighting: it’s interesting, because I work on a variety of old homes with a lot of character that are trying to modernize.  One of the biggest corrections I make to an older space is the lighting.  It’s never  enough!  However,  besides necessary recess lighting,  the options for chandeliers, pendants and lamps are endless.  Sophisticated, creative lighting has come a long way! 

- Amy