Pantone Color of the Year 2018

You might recall 2017's color of the year, which was Greenery, a vibrant and bright shade of green that popped up in design trends everywhere throughout the year. We saw it heavily influencing the botanical trend and the theme of nature-inspired decor. 2017 was all about bringing a little of the outdoors in.

This year, Pantone has gone in a totally new direction with their choice for 2018. Moving away from greens on the color wheel, Pantone has selected Ultra Violet, a bold and vibrant shade of purple. A little unexpected, and maybe a little too bold for some, ultra violet definitely stirs up mixed emotions. Love it or hate it, expect to see a lot of purple in 2018. 

Purple can be seen as a difficult color to work with in the home, but it's quite evident that it can be elegantly, as well as modernly, done. Purple is a royal color, a color of sophistication and richness. It can be dramatic and romantic, bold and bright, or soft and playful.

However, if you are still feeling hesitant on working with this daring color, try working it your space in a subtle way. Think about the finer details. Add in a touch of purple with an accent pillow or maybe incorporate it within a pattern. Look for glass details, such as vases or bowls. Purple can even come into play with floral arrangements and artwork. Blended with metallic elements, ultra violet feels luxurious and inviting.

If you have no hesitations about purple at all, then this is your moment to go bold! Look for accent furniture pieces that can really set off a space, such as an armchair. Look for rich and soft textures in upholstery, such as velvet. You could even look for a show-stopping wallpaper for an accent wall that plays with shades of purple. 

Looking for more inspiration? Here are a few images that caught our eye!