The Benefits of Interior Plants as Decor

March 27, 2018  |  decor, indoor plants, interior design
The Benefits of Interior Plants as Decor
Snake Plant

With the spring around the corner and the increasing news about health benefits, interior plants are rapidly becoming the must-have for every trendy interior space. You can place them in each room, using hanging plants for shelves and mantelpieces,  some lovely leafy for bare corners and coffee tables.  According to NASA adding one plant per every100 square feet will bring great health benefits.

So, it’s time to take advantage of the benefits that interior plants can provide to your home or office.  That means it is time to visit your local garden center and invest in some stunning plants for your interior environments.

 Here are a few benefits of having interior plants decoration:

Some of the well know benefits of interior plants is air quality improvement by replacing carbon dioxide with oxygen and the absorption of harmful chemical and toxins. since interior plans helps to increase humidity levels and reduce dust and certain pollutants there’s no uncertainty the using interior plants will allow you to achieve a clean and refreshing feeling.

Being close to nature or surrounded of lush green relaxes the mind and puts the body at ease, and reducing stress, and minor health issues like headaches and fatigue are also reduced.

Plants can also help promote better deep sleep by giving off oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide. Some of the plants you can select for bedroom are Snake plants, which can be used for low sunlight bedroom.  For bedrooms with bright natural light, place a Lavender plant to help you promote a deep sleep or a Gerdera Daisiy to improve your breathing and are safe if your suffer from apnea or allergies. 

Plants are another way to add jazz when decorating you home and are a great way to bring color, texture, rhythm  and freshness to any environment. You can have fun mixing pots, which are available in infinite sizes, color, shapes, materials, and price points. You could even get fabricated them yourself!