The Secret to Mixing Metals

The use of multiple metallics in a space has been implemented by designers all over the world for many years.  It is commonly thought that gold and silver can’t be friends, but we are here to tell you that they are actually the best of friends.

Brushed nickel and pewter can be used side by side, so can brass and chrome, like gold and silver.  The secret to mixing metals is balance. Mixing metals is much like mixing patterns: it allows you to create a coherent and balanced look that is visually stimulating and unique.  Don’t be afraid to mix your antiques with new, modern pieces.  The brass hardware in your kitchen will pair well adjacent to the chrome dining chairs.  Couple that with lighting fixtures and a rug that pick up the warm tones of the brass and the cool tones of the chrome, and you have created a space that seamlessly flows together. 

Various shades of a single metal, such as gold, is another way to incorporate metallics into your space.  This is also a simple and classy way to create a coherent and uniform look.  Various shades of gold exude luxury and grandeur, where as differing shades of bronze or industrial metals create a more relaxed and rustic atmosphere.  If you are going for a consistent look in your space, be sure to go all the way.  If all of your furniture pieces have chrome accents, but you have a single gold side table, something is going to look out of place.  You want to make sure to properly balance your different metallics, or just stick to one color-way.  

The use of either of these two options, balancing metallics or sticking to a single color, are the perfect way to incorporate a bit of shine and interest into your space!  If you are in need of any assistance with your selections, don’t hesitate to contact Amy Youngblood Interiors!