Wallpaper Trends You'll Love

Gone are the days of the tacky, old fashioned wallpaper that we grew up with. Old fashioned florals and paisleys are obviously out and have been for quite some time. We promise these are wallpaper trends you'll love! You'll find that these new patterns and colors are actually quite breathtakingly beautiful with reflective metallic finishes, textures and patterns that feel richly sophisticated, and colors that are warm and inviting, even bold at times. It's hard to not feel drawn into a room that goes that extra mile, that really ties it all in with the perfect wall finish. Sometimes, just simply painting a room will not do. Sometimes, you need just a little bit more than that to really elevate the atmosphere to a higher level. The right wall covering can set the tone and mood of the room effortlessly.

One of the best things about wallpaper is that you can be totally selective on where you put it. If you are drawn to a bold pattern but you’re afraid of overpowering the space, you can opt for creating an accent wall in the room by covering just one wall. This can really create a beautiful focal point in the room and also becomes a key to accessorizing the space, as well. 

Also, consider wallpapering small spaces, too. While it might seem a bit much to cover all four walls of a small powder room, it definitely gives the space presence and unique character. The benefit to choosing a smaller room to wallpaper is that it's a lot less time consuming and definitely not as big of a commitment as wallpapering your entire living room. Just be sure to choose a pattern that doesn't seem too overwhelming or busy, since it is a smaller space.

Hallways are another great place to add a bit of personality to your walls. Hallways can be challenging to accessorize, and you often see hung artwork or family photos filling the empty walls. If you want to do something a bit different, you could choose a striking wallpaper pattern, such as a modern floral, to really brighten it up. Or you could go with something more neutral, with a little texture or a more subtle pattern.

You can really curate an atmosphere by choosing the right pattern, color and finish. If you’ve got four walls, you’ve got endless options. Not sure about taking the leap? Let Amy Youngblood Interiors help you narrow it down to find the perfect wallpaper for your space!