Want to be Happier? How Improving your Interiors Can Enhance your Mood” as Seen on Fox19 NOW with Jessica Brown

Want to be Happier? How Improving your Interiors Can Enhance your Mood” as Seen on Fox19 NOW with Jessica Brown

It’s a proven fact (even Oprah once said it!) that the interior design of your home can evoke positive or negative feelings in people. Your home is ultimately a place where you want to feel secure, relaxed and even inspired. Not to mention, a lot of people feel a sense of accomplishment in a well designed space. 

Here are 5 tips to achieve this goal: 

1. Color

Research shows that different colors affect our inner psyche. For example, whites and neutrals don't necessarily make us feel emotional, but give us feelings of space and cleanliness. Vibrant shades encourage socializing and communication, while darker shades can evoke a sense of comfort, but also a bit of gloom. Greens are known as being calming. Another interesting color is red,  which in smaller amounts can energize, but cause anxiety as a main color. 

2.  Light

Obviously the best light source for our mood is the sun. Just think how our mood changes during those gloomy winter days! Taking advantage of windows or even adding skylights or transoms to your space will make those gloomy days better. Want to enhance your windows even more? Don’t forget window treatments!

3. Ceiling Height

While I know we can’t all afford to live in mansions with large vaulted ceilings, having 9 ft. or more is really ideal. Studies have shown that people are more creative and focused in rooms with higher ceilings. If your ceilings aren’t high, one trick is to mount window treatments as high as possible to give the illusion of a higher ceiling. And certainly don’t paint them a dark color!

4. Plants and Fresh Flowers

Bring the outdoors inside for winter with these added touches. The proximity of plants can improve concentration, memory and reduce stress. And, while we obviously can’t afford fresh flowers everyday, it is a way to treat yourself and simply add cheer to any room. 

5. Furniture Arrangement

Now this is really where an interior designer can help you. A designer can layout your furniture in a way that flows and fits comfortably. I’ve seen too many clients going out from a store with an expensive sofa or sectional, only to not have it fit incorrectly and yes, they are unhappy! Also, don’t forget about smaller items such as side tables, which make living and entertaining much easier. Correct furniture arrangement is ultimately about good balance.

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 Photo Source: Pinterest