We Have Opened Our New Location!

I have successfully moved my office to Mount Lookout Square!  It has been a ton of work, but I love the new location and how the office has been transformed!  We started out with the unglamorous work of electrical, painting, plumbing,  wallpaper, etc... and have finished with fabulous furniture ( both office and residential), rugs,  lighting and artwork. Tomorrow the granite will be installed for the kitchen area and Karen Kratz-Miller of Broadspectrum has generously donated her services to create a beautiful faux finish in the powder room and some other key areas.  Also,  I will be featuring original artwork and prints from top Cincinnati artists, such as Stephanie Evans, Phil Roberto,  Carin Hebenstreit, myself and more.  All available for sale.  Hours are by appointment so please email or call to discuss your project in person!   I look forward to visiting with my clients in my new hip, beautiful space!  Photos to come!