What are the Benefits of Working with a Commercial Interior Designer?

August 3, 2023
Commercial Interior Designer Benefits

Guest post by Natalie Akins

Commercial interior design is a catalyst in creating the business of your dreams. Whether your company is newer and you want to impress, or it's a tried and true venture that needs a fresh face: working with a commercial interior designer is the way to go.


These are the top benefits of working with a professional and why they're such game changers for every business they engage with. 


1. Better Pricing on Materials

Something many businesses know from experience is that having a working relationship with other companies is the ideal way to get the best deals. Commercial interior designers have long-standing relationships with contractors, suppliers, handymen, and so much more, all of which your business will benefit from. 


Instead of paying sticker prices for goods and services, you'll be surprised how much you can save with an interior designer on your side.


2. Faith in a Great Final Product

If you're redesigning your office on your own, you're taking a big risk. Your personal taste is limited to what you've seen and what you know. Although that might not sound like an issue, a good commercial interior designer has years of experience in working to create incredible office spaces. Their library of what works, what's possible, and what has to be avoided is going to be invaluable.


Working with a professional ensures the end product is one you'll be proud of for many years to come.


3. Insight into What’s Popular or Good

Popular styles go in and out every couple of years and often result in companies wasting money to try and keep up. A good commercial interior designer will spot a fad that you should avoid to keep your company from looking dated in a couple of years and what should be incorporated to keep your business up to date.


There’s always wiggle room for your personal tastes, but this is the best way to protect your business in the long run.


4. The Chance to Compare Against Competitors

Most commercial interior designers have worked on countless businesses to help boost their customer flow and employee retention. By working with a pro, you can gain insight into what's worked for others, what hasn't, and what changes you can try to position yourself ahead of the competition.


This insight is invaluable and should be taken a priority! 


5. Better Productivity For Employees

Employees are more likely to stay with a company where they feel respected. If you want to boost their productivity and give them a space they can feel comfortable in, then this update is necessary. A great designer will add details like studio acoustic panels to create a quieter and more focus-oriented office space for everyone. 


6. A Clear Timeline and Budget

If you're redesigning your office space on your own, you might be more lax with your timeline and budget. Unfortunately, this can lead to an office that's out of sorts for months longer than it needs to be and a budget that's so out of control that it's putting your business into debt in the long run.


Any designer worth their salt will ensure that everything from interior stone veneer to the luxurious details you'd like to add will be affordable and installed in a timely manner.


7. Understanding of Security and Safety

Security and safety are big words that should be taken seriously. If your company isn't secure and you focus on things like a glass wall for aesthetics rather than a glass railing for safety and security, you could be setting your business up for failure.


A skilled designer will incorporate your aesthetic and security needs and create a space that feels like the perfect blend of both.


8. Best Use of the Space Available

Commercial spaces can be strange to work in, especially if this is a repurposed building you bought for your own company. Thankfully, a good designer will go over the skeleton of this space and determine a layout that will get the most use out of it. Sometimes the issue isn't that you don't have enough room; it's simply that the space available isn't being used to its fullest potential.


9. Functional While Also Attractive

Many people assume that interior design is for looks only, but it's also about functionality. Instead of stressing about whether or not your company will look good enough to thrive, you can focus on the fact that it will look good and be extremely functional.


Commercial interior designers understand the importance of functionality and will go out of their way to create a space that lets your business thrive while looking amazing.


Every Business Can Thrive With Good Taste

The thing that may be holding your company back from succeeding is aesthetics! Work with a professional like Amy Youngblood, and watch your business and employees thrive in no time!

Natalie Akins is a freelance writer that loves sharing her knowledge and expertise on interior decorating and remodeling. She lives in her hometown of Austin, Texas where she enjoys spending time with her husband and decorating with her children. Natalie’s work as a freelance writer can be found on Building Product Advisor, a new construction industry resource site.