Why Lighting is Important for Interior Design

Let's talk about lighting!  Lighting is an imperative aspect for interior design, we wouldn’t be able to see anything with out it, so it is important to remember the impact that lighting and lighting fixtures can have within our spaces. Yes, lighting will brighten your space up, but it also affects the mood and look of your room.  From pendant lighting and chandeliers to wall sconces and recessed fixtures to table and floor lamps, there are endless options when it comes to find the perfect light source for your space.  

The placement and type of light you choose to incorporate in your space will have an impact on the end result.  Lighting selections need to work with all other aspects of the space: its size, colors, amount of natural light, furnishings.  

Your space is defined by the reflection of light off your walls, so darker colors are going to make your space feel smaller, while lighter colors will make your space feel more open.  Directional lighting (track lights) can help to soften wall colors while also highlighting a given aspect of your space such as a piece of artwork.  Recessed lighting (can lights) can emphasize and illuminate the floor, but can also be used to create vertical patterns of light or an overall glow. Lights hung in the center of the space (dining room chandelier) will provide central and ambient illumination and create a focal point within the space.  Table lamps and floor lamps can also be used to serve for subtle illumination for tasks such as reading while simultaneously serving as an accessory in your space. Wall sconces also serve for decorative accents, but they can also provide great mirror lighting. 

After defining the type of lighting you want in your space, you get to have some fun and decide which style and type of fixture you want! If you’re looking to create a statement, select a fun and funky table lamp or chandelier.  If you want something more subtle, a fixture with clean lines and natural colors is always a safe and classy option.  There are numerous choices when it comes to lighting selections, but they are very important to keep in mind, as they will dramatically impact your space and help improve your sense of design! As always, you can always give us a call at Amy Youngblood Interiors!